OilPure Massage & Beard Oils

At OilPure we carefully blend quality natural massage oils and natural beard oils containing pure essential oils in small batches and hand bottle and label to ensure our exciting quality standards are met in each and every bottle of massage oil or beard oil.

Body Oil

Using carrier oils like grapeseed and hemp oil ensures our products are light and non-greasy, penetrating deep into the skin to nourish and hydrate they make the best massage oil.

We use only the finest carrier oil and essential oil ingredients to make our massage oil products, which is why our natural massage oils and natural beard oils have gained such a loyal following.

Natural Massage Oil

Our massage oils are perfect for all skin type massages as an all-over body massage oil or for targeted areas like the neck, shoulders and lower back, all are natural and safe to use straight from the bottle with a fragrance-free option for all skin types including sensitive skin, if you have sensitive skin then try our fragrance-free option to start with on your skin.

Beard Oils

Our natural beard oils are perfect for keeping your beard hair soft, healthy and looking its best, our oil blends are natural carrier oils and are infused with an essential oil like cedarwood and patchouli and are safe to use on skin straight from the bottle and leave a great subtle scent.

Massage Oils

At OilPure, we understand that everyone's skin is different. That's why we offer a range of massage oil and natural beard oils to suit all skin types, our massage oil is perfect for self massage or for use in massage therapy. Self massage can be used in localised areas such as to ease muscle tension and sore muscles and tense muscles, if you have sensitive skin just use our fragrance free oil with no scent directly on your skin.

Whether you have dry, sensitive skin or oily, acne-prone skin, we have a natural massage oil or natural beard oil that will suit you and will be safe to use on your skin.

To ease tension just use a few drops of massage oil and rub into the area that's suffering tension to ease tension, if you use one of our scented massage oils for your tension you will get a great scent and also experience the benefits of natural essential oil from the oil blend that assist lifting your mood, soothing and calming and offering the chance to relax and de stress.

Essential Oils

There is a very good reason all our massage oils include natural essential oils added to our body oils, to ensure we are safe for as many people as we do not use almond oil and the oil we do use as carrier oil is anti-allergenic, the benefits of the essential oils we use are they help relieve tension, relax and are calming, they can help aid circulation when used in massage oil - all our oils aid in reducing friction and help with a relaxation person soothing massage - as you will know from aromatherapy, lavender essential oil is a great relaxation oil blend that has soothing and calming properties and will help with relax and sleep.

Lavender Essential Oil

Self care is very important for the body and mind, helping you to relax de stress and relieve pressure - give your body a few minutes each day to relax with our relaxing oil that contains lavender essential oils, as above, lavender essential oils work great in massage oil and can be used as an all over body oil - it contains grapeseed oil and reduces stress is soothing and is great on sensitive skin.

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